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"Gummies are unreal and taste amazing! They give me a great euphoric high and recommend them constantly!"
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"Best hash gummies in all of maine hands-down! From the texture, flavors and dosing, consistent and reliable everytime. love the hashery!"
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"Best in the biz. #loyalcustomer The Jewels is all I have to say, YUM!"
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"What a fantastic establishment. It is so refreshing to see women working together to make your experience the best it can be. Thank you! Hashery!"
- Stacy G.
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"Best gummies ever! Amazing booths at events ! Fun employees ! Awesome packaging!"
-The Flaming Panda
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"The Hashery has exceptional products that my clients LOVE! They’re a huge hit and they have dosing available for every level of needs. I highly recommend them!"
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"Product quality: Take great care in choice of ingredients and processes Customer service: Tailored to meet the needs of the individualI highly recommend doing  business with these folks."
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Mango Tango Jewel5 Stars
"The most delicious gummies in the lake region! Very effective for a solid eight-hour sleep! Great to do business with, very accommodating and helpful!"
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"The  strawberry rhubarb flavor is a must have!"
-Brittany A
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"Two years ago, while visiting friends in Windham, Maine, I purchased some  incredible gummies that were produced by The Hashery. We went back for a second trip to Windham this summer and bought more  gummies by The Hashery. I am so pleased to say that they were consistent in every positive way: the flavors were  delicious; the quality of the product remained outstanding; and when we return in a year or two, I will be back for more. I could not recommend any gummies higher than those produced by The Hashery. Try them. You’ll see."
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"The best tasting gummies ever! The jewels are not only delicious but they have helped me immensely with pain as well as sleep. I won’t go anywhere else."
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"I use  gummies to help with knee and lower back pain, as well as sleeping though the  night. I specically seek out gummies mfg by The Hashery. They are the best  tasting, and fast acting. 5 or 10mgs is su cient to ease pain and help with  getting and staying asleep. Best on the market for sure!"
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"The best gummies that I have found. Nobody else comes close. When up north I strongly recommend!"
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"Purchased fruit gummies at Paul’s Boutique in Windham. They are delicious, very  effective and free of harmful solvents. HIGHLY recommend them."
-R B.